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Create Your Own Teaching and Learning Environment using eGrade Plus with EduGen.

Finally, an interactive website based on activities you do every day!

The new Halliday/Resnick/Walker 7/e eGrade Plus program provides the value-added support that instructors and students want and need. Powered by Wiley's EduGen system, this site includes a vast array of high-quality content including:

Homework Management: An Assignment tool allows instructors to create student homework and quizzes, using dynamic versions of end-of-chapter problems from "Fundamentals of Physics" or their own dynamic questions. Instructors may also assign readings, activities, and other work for students to complete. A Gradebook automatically grades and records student assignments. This not only saves time, but also provides students with immediate feedback on their work. Each student can view his or her results from past assignments at any time. An Administration tool allows instructors to manage their class rosters on-line.

A Prepare and Present tool contains a variety of the Wiley-provided resources (including all the book illustrations, java applets, and digitized video) to help make preparation time more efficient. This content may easily be adapted, customized, and supplemented by instructors to meet the needs of each course.

Self-Assessment. A Study and practice area links directly to the multimedia version of "Fundamental of Physics," allowing students to review the text while they study and complete homework assignments. In addition to the complete on-line text, students can also access the Student Solutions Manual, the Student Study Guide, interactive simulations, and the InteractiveLearningWare Program.

Interactive LearningWare. Interactive LearningWare leads the student step-by-step through solutions to 200 of the end-of-chapter problems from the text.

And there's lots more! You'll need to see it to believe it.
Check out the Halliday/Resnick/Walker site at:

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