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  • Book Author: Debajani Mohanty
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 Nine years on, yet BlockChain is still in it’s infancy. This book is an one-stop guide that would be the ultimate handbook to get on overview of BlockChain, the technology behind it and different use cases where this could be applied.

 This book includes BitCoin (Ist generation), Ethereum, Hyperledger, R3 Corda, Ripple, MultiChain (2nd generation) and IOTA (3rd generation) Blockchain frameworks. Implementation details and Proof of concept for most of these frameworks.Use Cases  andamp; PoCs in Banking, Finance, Insurance, Travel, Manufacturing andamp; Supply Chain Domains to know where to use which framework.BlockChain-As-A-Service explaining support from AWS, Azure etc for development and testing of BlockChain frameworks.The book also discusses Microsoft’s CoCo which is a BlockChain-As-A-Service framework to plug-in many BlockChain and DLT frameworks to run on Azure.Smart City implementation using BlockChain andamp; IoTThe book would be mose suitable for business leaders and architects to understand the capabilities and utilization these frameworks and help them to choose the right one for respective business need. 
CONTENTS Introduction 
A Little History, Why Cryptocurrencies were an instant Hit, What is BlockChain, Why Blockchain,  How BlockChain Works, Block Header, Merkle Root ,  DAPPS, Full vs. Partial Nodes, Mining, Proof of Work, Proof-Of-Stake, The Success Story, Usage of Public andamp; private Keys in BlockChain, Wallet, Double Spending, Denial of Service Attack, 51% Attack, Fork in BlockChain, Bitcoin, Segwit, Segwit2X, Litecoin, Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Ethereum, Turing Machine, Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), Smart Contracts, Solidity, Gas, Ethereum Use Cases, Ethereum: Proof of Concept, Truffle, MetaMask, Building Enterprise BlockChain using Ethereum, Parity, Enterprise BlockChain Beyond Crypto-Currencies , General Use Cases, Identity Management, Social Networking, Finance Use Cases, Fraud Prevention, Cross border payments, Share Dealing, Loyalty andamp; Rewards
Enterprise BlockChain FrameworksQuorum, Features, Quorum: Proof of Concepts, R3 Cords, The BlockChain Problem in Finance Industry, 22 What Ethereum Lacked , How R3 Corda is Different,  R3 Corda Features, Corda Details, IOU Model, Flows, Contracts, Nodes, Development Using R3 Corda, Use Case: Triple Entry Accounting For Banks andamp; Finance Domain Projects, Singlre Entry Accounting, Double Entry Accountin g, Issues with Double entry accounting, Triple Entry Accounting, Advantages of Implementing in BlockChain, Scenario, Real-life scenarios based on Triple Entry Accounting in Banking Domain, R3 Cords: Proof of Concepts, Use Case: KYC in Finance Domain, BlockChain Global KYC Database Solution, Advantages, Use Case: Triple Entry Accounting For Banks andamp; Finance Domain Projects, Scenario, R3 Corda: Proof of Concepts, Use Case: KY

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