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  • Book Author: N. S. KUTTI
  • Book Language: English

This compact and comprehensive book provides an introduction to data structures from an object-oriented perspective using the powerful language C as the programming vehicle. It is designed as an ideal text for the students before they start designing algorithms in C . The book begins with an overview of C , then it goes on to analyze the basic concepts of data structures, and finally focusses the reader's attention on abstract data structures. In so doing, the text uses simple examples to explain the meaning of each data type. Throughout, an attempt has been made to enable students to progress gradually from simple object-oriented abstract data structures to more advanced data structures. A large number of worked examples and the end-of-chapter exercises help the students reinforce the knowledge gained.Intended as a one-semester course for undergraduate students in computer science and for those who offer this course in engineering and management, the book should also prove highly useful to those IT professionals who have a keen interest in the subject.

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