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  • Book Author: V. Wason
  • Book Language: English

Familiarisation Paragraphs at the beginning of each unit presents a birds eye view of all the chapters. Theory in simple and lucid language. Tutorial Notes providing a sound conceptual base. Large number of Illustrations. Diagrams and Tables for easy understanding. Formats of solutions strictly as per examination requirement. Large number of Multiple Choice Questions at the end of each chapter. For Ability students, Graded Illustrations have also been given. All possible types of Theoretical and Practical Questions have been provided with suitable hints at the end of each chapter. Treatment of Goodwill and answers to the questions previously asked by CBSE have been given as per AS-10. CBSE and PAREEKSHA Papers Alphabetical Glossary of all important terms used in the text book. Contents: Unit-1: Accounting for Not-for- profit organisations Unit-2: Accounting for Partnership Firms Unit-3: Reconstitution of Partnership Unit4: Accounting for share capital and debentures APPENDICES Pareeksha Papers CBSE Papers

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